Our Goals

1-Strengthening the role of companies and emerging organizations in providing multiple and renewable employment opportunities for Syrian youth and reducing unemployment.

2-Study the reasons for the success and failure of companies, emerging organizations, pioneers and entrepreneurs to help increase their chances of success.

3-Assisting entrepreneurs and pioneers in initiating and implementing their projects, leading them in managing and developing them, and increasing awareness of entrepreneurship as a viable means to achieve self-sufficiency for the individual and society.

4-Enhancing the competitiveness of emerging companies locally and regionally.

5-Accelerate the growth rate of emerging enterprises and increase their economic impact on individuals, families and communities to achieve sustainable local development.

6-Increase the ability of start-up companies to add value to the economy, contribute to economic diversification, support innovation and encourage the use of modern technologies.

7-Encouraging creative work ideas among young people and young women and providing them with creative skills and strong motivation to implement them.

8-Raising awareness and guidance to start-up companies to use technology and modern and advanced scientific methods in the management and development of their business.

9-Assist emerging companies to open up to the outside world in a planned way through effective networking.