Training programs

The training programs are implemented using a variety of educational tools that have an effective role in training and qualifying the owners of the start-up companies in order to raise their knowledge level and create more creative and distinctive ideas. Among the most important programs offered

  1. Programs in Entrepreneurship: Programs are designed to suit the level of management knowledge for the owners of start-up companies. Examples of these programs are the basic pillars in the establishment of institutions. These include preparing the work plan, preparing the feasibility study, defining the vision and developing a strategic plan and selecting the appropriate financial system for the foundation.
  2. Specialized Programs: The content of the specialized programs is designed according to the orientations of the owners of the start-up companies to suit their level of technical knowledge. And includes programs for each section of companies in addition to specialized training related to the success and life of startup companies.
  3. Awareness sessions: Coordination with the public or private sector is done to carry out a number of awareness sessions that aims at raising the level of knowledge of the pioneers in a specific field, identify future investment opportunities or giving knowledge of laws or procedures that may affect the institution.